Opterus designs and manufactures advanced structures. Most are destined for space, but we also worked on air and marine structures. They often incorporate elements of origami, morphing, dynamics, folding, shape changing, and high-performance carbon fiber composites. They are always extremely innovative and push the technical limits of materials, engineering, and science. They are not static like civil structures, but they can be just as big. If you like structures and building things, these are the most exciting, interesting, and challenging problems one could dream of working on. Here’s an example: we’re developing the first solid surface spiral wrapped parabolic reflector. It relies on thick origami and we calculate how to fold it using in-house developed finite element simulations. We figured out the unique processes to fabricate it in-house from advanced composites. Another example: we’re developing several deployable booms that can be flattened and rolled, yet supports loads of several hundred pounds. They are enabling for lunar surface solar power and space solar power and sensor platforms spanning 1,000’s of square meters in size. We’re using these booms for in-space assembly and manufacturing of kilometer scale structures. Solar sails, expanding thickness solar arrays, etc. The list of exciting problems goes on and new challenges are always flowing in.

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