Opterus is working on the most innovative and game changing space deployable structures, mechanisms, and systems technologies ever conceived. If you share an interest in composites, space, structures, mechanisms, and building cool things that will change the world, we invite you to join our team.

Opterus exists for three reasons – first, to fulfill a passion for cutting-edge advanced composite structures. We love inventing, building, and bringing to market crazy advanced folding, deforming, and shape changing structures. We’re working on huge space-based solar power platforms, 10,000 square meter solar sails, cislunar radar systems, origami deployable reflectors, and more. Our second purpose is to provide a rewarding place to work by calming the chaos that plagues many startups in the new space industry. We are not VC funded, publicly traded, or otherwise driven to maximize financial output at your expense. Our purpose is to create an enabling, intellectually rewarding, healthy, and stable work environment where we can exercise our passion for structures and business. And third, yes, we’re here to make money and we strive to compensate fairly and above average.

Opterus has an entry level STEM internship position open. No experience is required. We're looking for general, non-specialized, help in our spacecraft structures research and development facility. Tasks will focus on facility layout, setting up new work areas, organizing, moving, assisting with mechanism assembly and testing, and assisting with 3D printing. You may get the chance to work on space flight hardware! You will work under the direction of mechanical engineers and senior technicians; this is a great professional networking opportunity for senior high school or first to second year college students. Pay is minimum wage up to $15.00/hr, depending on qualifications. A minimum of 8 (maximum of 20) hours per week scheduled Monday through Friday between 7am and 6pm is required. This is an onsite position at our Loveland facility, just 1 mile southwest of downtown Loveland. The internship starts in mid-August and ends mid-December.

Candidates are required to be actively enrolled and attending an educational program (high school, community college, or university). Candidates are required to be authorized to work in the US and to be US citizens. Required minimum education level is junior in high school.